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SMIL Players and Browsers
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SMIL 2.0:SMIL 2.0 implementations are still in their early stages but you will find a range of powerful solutions from large and small software vendors alike:
RealNetworks RealOne ( - A full Web multimedia browser and player with significant SMIL 2.0 support.
Microsoft Internet Explorer ( - SMIL 2.0 support mixed in with HTML in their Windows version of the browser.
ORATRiX Development GRiNS-SMIL 2 Player ( - Cross-platform SMIL 2.0 support from a small company that still shows the big companies how to get the job done.

SMIL 1.0: SMIL 1.0 players do not pack the punch of their younger SMIL 2.0 siblings but you will find wider adoption and a longer track record for more authoring stability:
Apple QuickTime 5 ( - Simple cross-platform SMIL support initially and primarily intended for sequential stacking of content.
RealNetworks RealPlayer 8 ( - Solid cross-platform SMIL 1.0 support with proprietary RealPix and RealText implementation for more power with images and text. RealPlayer implementations will gradually fade as RealOne comes into dominance.
Helio SOJA "Cherbourg" ( - The most refined Java based SMIL player.
X-SMILES ( A Java based XML/SMIL browser.
SunTREC Schmunzel ( - Another Java based SMIL player.
NIST SMIL Player ( - Yet another Java based SMIL player.
Compaq HPAS ( - Rare Java and stand-alone implementation.

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