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Client-Side Editors: There are a variety of client-side editors available for most platforms. This is one area where the SMIL community continues to (and needs to) grow by leaps and bounds:
Adobe GoLive 6 ( - The latest release of this Mac and PC web editor supports SMIL 1.0 and SMIL Basic for RealPlayer, RealONE, QuickTime, and Nokia MMS.
Confluent Technologies Fluition ( - Mac and PC editor for streaming multimedia presentations.
ORATRiX GRiNS ( - A SMIL 1 and 2 editor for RealOne.
RealNetworks SMILGen ( - A Windows and Unix/Linux authoring tool for SMIL 1, SMIL 2, and RealPix.
RealNetworks RealSlideshow ( - A RealPix based Windows tool that is still the nicest example of a "SMIL" authoring tool made for creative people.
Macromedia Flash and HomeSite ( Basic support for SMIL in HomeSite, SMIL export (for RealMedia) in Flash, and rumored upcoming SMIL support in DreamWeaver.
DoCoMo SMILEditor (Japanese site at
NCAM Media Access Generator "MAGpie" ( - A captioning tool for disability access.

Server-Side Generators: Companies developing server side solutions for SMIL tend to get gobbled up by larger companies wanting development platforms. But there are a few individuals and organizations developing server-side SMIL solutions. That is good because dynamic SMIL really shows off the power of an XML-based Web multimedia language:
Perly SMIL (
Smibase (

SMIL Validator: Keep your code clean with a validator:
CWI SMIL Validator (

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